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William D. Kendall was born on March 7, 1833 in Cattarangus County, NY.
We have conflicting stories about his birth and early years so if you
know anything about him or his family I sure would like to hear from you.

His mother was suppose to have been Mary Doyle Kendall, his father
William Kendall.  We have been told that his father died while he was
so young that he didn't remember him.

Mary remarried after the death of William, to a man with the last name
of Buck.  She did not tell William who is true father was until he was
approxtimately 13-14 years old and ready to leave home.  We got most of
this story from notes about Rose Davis Kendall.

William married Bethany King in Kalamazoo County on July 25, 1858. This union 
resulted in the birth of eight children.  

The Children of William and Bethany Kendall

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Olive and William

Olive and William were born in Kalamazoo, MI. We don't know much about these two little babies. Only that they both were born here, died and were buried here. The only reason that we know that much is because a granddaughters memories of the events as told to her. We don't even have the name of the cemetery where they are buried. The records of Kalamazoo County don't start until 1865 and later.

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